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Andy has worked as a professional massage therapist for many years, and as such she promotes personal transformation and a healthy lifestyle in her private life as well as in public appearances. Originally from Germany, this free and independent spirit has a passion for writing and a deliciously wild and crazy imagination. One day her warped sense of humor met a keyboard. The rest is history. She is now a freelance writer, public speaker, and the author of the sultry, humorous, and intriguing novel Secrets of a Massage Therapist by Andy Vogt.

Secrets of a Massage Therapist
by Andy Vogt is available in paperback on Amazon.com and anywhere books are sold, and in e-book format on Amazon Kindle and Barnes&Noble Nook. Sit back, relax…and enjoy!

Visit Andy at www.andyvogtbooks.com or  www.fitwithandrea.com

Life Is Too Short–So Kiss Slowly,
Laugh Insanely, Love Truly,
And Live With Passion.

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